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Welcome to Guitar Review! Home of stomp box pedal, amp, and guitar reviews.

All musicians go online to watch videos and read reviews of their favorite gear. You want to get as much information as you can before spending your hard earned money. If there’s a few things I’ve learned in 30+ years of playing it’s that musicians are never satisfied, and they are very opinionated. Along with a lifetime of playing, comes a lifetime of buying and selling musical gear. This website is a compilation of my gear purchases (and sales) over the years. We’re talking upwards of 100 guitars, and as many (or more) pedals and stomp boxes, and more amps than you can shake a stick at. I’ve gone through solid state amps, boutique amps, modeling and Line 6 amps, and everything in between. I’ve also tried about every guitar line out there from Fender to Gibson, as well as Ibanez, PRS, BC Rich, Washburn, Godin, Reverend, and many, many more. I hope you enjoy my website, maybe you’ll find something new for yourself along the way!

Gibson ES-339 Custom Shop Review

Gibson released ES-339 custom in 2007. They released the ES-335 in 1958, and everyone knows that distinctive semi-hollow body guitar for it's fat resonant tone. That's a very versatile guitar that can work equally as well for jazz, rock, country, or anything in...

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No Guitar is Safe Podcast Review

I have a healthy one hour commute to work (each way), so I spend a couple hours in the car every days. Over the years I have listened to thousands of hours of music, and the last couple of years I have listened to hundreds of audio books as well. Mainly biographies of...

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Is Flamenco Metal a Thing?

Short answer is - yes it is! Years ago (in my younger days) when I started on guitar, my parents would only let me switch from violin to guitar if I agreed to take classical guitar lessons.  So I did.  That was even my major in college for a brief time.  My father...

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Guitar Pick Punch

Have you ever wanted to make your own guitar picks?  Probably not, but it's actually a thing.  I have heard of people that make their own guitar picks from old credit cards before, but there's actually a little device you can buy on Amazon to punch them out on demand....

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Eric Gales Unbelievable Little Wing Cover

Here's a name that you might not have heard for a few years - Eric Gales.  If you go back in time to the late Eighties there were tons of new guitar heroes coming out each and every day.  Because of the influence of mainly EVH and SRV (and all the hair metal heroes),...

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Crate Taxi TX50DB Limo 50W Guitar Amp

The Crate TX50DBE Limo Combo Amplifier is battery-powered for outdoor gigs, or you can plug it in using the included adapter where there's juice. Delivers 50W through a 10" woofer with a piezo tweeter for full range sound. 2-channel operation with 1/4" input, gain,...

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Pete Townsend “Who I Am” Book Review

Recently I heard someone say that they had been listening to the Pete Townsend book "Who I Am" on their daily commute. Since my commute to work is a little over an hour, it sounded like something that might be interesting to me. I am always interested in musicians...

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Why I Love My EVH Wolfgang Special

This isn't a review as much as it is they story of how I came to own my favorite and most played guitar of all time. My white EVH Wolfgang special. This is what it looked like the day it arrived in the mail. I had seen pictures of it online, but I had no idea the case...

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ZT Lunchbox Combo Guitar Amp Review

In the last few years boutique amps have fallen into favor quite a bit, but as a sub-segment of that "lunchbox" style amps have become even more popular with guitar players. When you think of a lunchbox style guitar amp the Vox Nightrain comes to mind, or the Mesa...

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