Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks Acoustic Slide Video

This is a great video I found on YouTube of Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes playing dual slide acoustic guitar on “My Old Friend”. These guys really take the modern version of the Allman Brothers Band to the next level. Both Warren and Derek are great on their own, but together they are something else. Their acoustic slide is impeccable, and Warren’s vocal is awesome.

Shure SM58 Mic – Anything else just sucks

I’ve had cheap mic’s. I’ve had offbrand mic’s. I’ve had mic’s that came free with a microphone stand. I’ve even had mic’s that cost $50-$100. But I’m here to say that the legend is true, there is nothing in the world like a Shure SM58. It is literally indestructable. And if you do manage to kill it, it’s very easy to just head to the store and get a replacement ball or whatever you need. This is something that I can truly and honestly state as well, for me the SM 58 is much clearer, cleaner, and easier to sing through. It’s a professional microphone at an affordable price. If you sing on stage, even if only background vocals – don’t get a cheap piece of crap, spend the money one time and get an SM-58. The Shure mic will last you a decade easy.

Shure SM58 Mic

Shure SM58 Mic

Legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other microphone, the SM58 has not only helped to define the sound of rock vocals on stage, it’s also been used as a hammer to build stages and gone on to perform flawlessly later at the gig. Using a club’s house system? You’ll be singing through an SM58. And in the studio? Guess what mic Bruce Swedien used to fatten up Michael Jackson’s vocals on the Thriller album .

The Shure SM58 Mic is world-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. Perfectly fits the hand, balanced for total comfort during long gigs. Frequency response is a smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz-15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy.

John Paul Jones – Led Zeppelin’s Behind the Scenes Genius

Led Zeppelin is one of the only bands that helped to define rock music history. The musical legacy that they have left will live on for countless generations. Many bands influenced music, but Zeppelin helped to define an entire genre. The defining pieces of their legacy are easily broken down into the individuals that make up the band. John Bonham, one of the most skilled and heavy hitting drummers to walk the planet. Robert Plant, the tall and lanky Englishman somehow born with vocal chords from the deep south. Jimmy Page, the controlled chaos of wild improvisation reigned in. But the one you often hear nothing about is John Paul Jones, which I could never figure out – because he’s as much a cornerstone of that band as any of the other three.

It’s funny, after Bonham died Robert Plant did his solo thing off and on, and Jimmy Page did both the HoneyDrippers and The Firm, as well as a solo project in the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t remember hearing anything from John Paul Jones. Then their was Plant / Page, a pseudo-Zeppelin project, but again no John Paul Jones. On January 12, 1995 Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and when it was John Paul Jones’ turn at the mic his famous words were “Thank you, my friends, for finally remembering my phone number…”. As a matter of fact, that speech is (of course) on YouTube – here it is:

Often overlooked (as many bass players are), without his bass and keyboard parts – most Zeppelin songs would sound completely different. It just isn’t Zeppelin without all three of the original surviving members. I can’t be alone in thinking this, since the November Zeppelin charity concert in London with Page, Plant, Jones, and Bonham’s son was not only sold out, but the web site with news of the show received over 1 billion pageviews in under a month. That’s a STAGGERING amount of interest in a band that’s only been on stage one time (for the Hall of Fame) in the last 28 years.

Well, the reason I was particularly thinking of Jonesy today is because over at Ultimate Guitar, I read a ‘rock chronicle’ interview from 30 years ago with John Paul Jones originally in Guitar Player. It’s a very interesting read, not only because it’s from one of the most underheard voices of the legendary Zeppelin, but more because the interview was taken at the height of Zeppelin’s fame and it’s very interesting to get responses during that period of time. In addition, and amount of buildup to the interview by the author is very telling and reminds us how big the legendary Zeppelin was and also that there really hasn’t been a band that big save one or two in the last 30 years.

It looks like the only things I have to look forward to in the near future are The Mothership Led Zep Compilation to be released Nov 16th, and possible YouTube footage of their November reunion concert. One can only hope that the rumours of a 2008 tour will come true after all.

Jimi Hendrix – Red House Atlanta Video

I usually don’t post so many videos in one day, but I heard this version of Red House when I was listening to Pandora radio today, so I had to see if was on YouTube with video – and it was! This is an amazing version of Hendrix on Red House, it’s a reminder to all you young bucks what a clean guitar can do – the tone and the sound is largely derived from your fingers, vibrator, and pick. With some of the younger generation it’s a little bit of a lost art to learn to play this way, but not everything needs to be “distorted” to the max. Watch this video and learn from the master!

Nuno Bettencourt Videos – A Guitar Legend

I have a select few guitarists that are my absolute all-time list of ‘favorites’ and Nuno is one of them. You may remember Nuno from the band “Extreme” in the 80’s, and if you’ve played guitar since that time you know as a player, that his songs are something you just don’t try to play. You just don’t. You only listen. Nuno is a player with his own style, a syncopated rhthym that’s harder to player than most guitarist’s lead. A style so unique, so fast, so clean – so incredibly “guitar god-like”. In my book it takes a very unique and talented guitarist to make my all-time best list, and that very, very short list includes greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, and yes – Nuno Bettencourt. Enjoy these videos!

This is classic Nuno acoustic prob from the early nineties, Nuno’s solo piece “Midnight Express”:

Here’s Nuno’s almost 8 minute long electric solo from The Beacon in 1993 – stunning performance:

B-52 AT-100 Guitar Amp Head Review: A Ballsy Screamer

Before I plugged into this amp for the first time – I’d never heard of the “B-52” brand. I almost didn’t try it out, figuring it was another Randall or Crate wannabe budget brand. But I overheard this other guy going on and on and on about this “triple rectifier”, and the curiosity got the best of me. The AT-100 I tried out was plugged into an AT-412 100W cabinet. This is by far the most versatile amp you’ll ever play. I own several Marshalls, and have played many Fender classic amps. I’ve often wished that you could get both types of amps in one box without doing and electronic “modeling”. This is the first amp I’ve ever seen that does that. It’s got 3 channels, screaming overdrive tones, creamy blues licks, and classic (I mean classic) clean “Fender” tone. This amp is tight, it’s the bomb, the best of breed for any style you can think of from funk, to blues, or metal, classic rock, country – you name it! The closest thing you can get to this is a Mesa Boogie “dual rectifier” and it’s like $2,800.00! I’m sorry, for under $700, no other amp brand can even come close to what this thing can do. The ONLY flaw I could find is that this things gets VERY hot. All you gotta do (and many guys in Harmony Central mentioned this) is put one of those small clip-on fans on the back as a little added protection. Other than that – you gotta plug in and get one of these B-52 amps soon, before word gets out and the price goes way up!

B-52 AT-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp with Tri Mode Rectifier B-52 AT-100 100W Tube Guitar Amp with Tri Mode Rectifier

The AT-100 is a 3-channel, all-tube, tri-mode rectified beast that gives you unparalleled tone and astounding versatility. Whether you are playing to a stadium crowd of 50,000 or practicing at home in your garage, the AT-100 will produce awesome crunch, smooth mids, and crystal-clean highs. Capable of producing massive amounts of distortion, it can handle any style from blues to metal. The AT-100 is loaded with features including a Tri-Mode Rectifier that allows you to select among three different rectifier circuits: Solid State, Tube A, or Tube AB1. The overdrive section features two selectable high-gain channels and volume controls with a 3-band EQ. The assignable contour (mid-scoop) control gives you the ability to make each overdrive channel sound radically different. The Global section features Low-Res (Resonance), Reverb, and Master Volume.

Billy Gibbons Guitar Lesson: Playing the Blues

YouTube has so many great guitar videos – both performance and lessons. Sometimes you can find all kinds of weird stuff you didn’t even know existed. I think that Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is one of the most underrated guitar players out there. He is an awesome blues guitar player. I often find that many people don’t know much about ZZ Top other than “Sharp Dressed Man” or “Legs”. Once the 80’s and music videos hit, they put out some songs with sequencer, synthesizer, or keyboard that made them more “commercial”. They had a whole decade of albums before that of incredible blues-rock songs like Tush, LaGrange, Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Just Got Paid, Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, Tube Snake Boogie, Blue Jean Blues, and lots more. Whether you’ve been playing for a year or all your life – watch this 6 minute video lesson by Billy Gibbons, you just may learn a new lick!

Videos – George Lynch Hair Metal Guitar God Still Today

Remember the 80’s? Those were the days – of hair metal, decadence, and debauchery. And the days when the Guitar Gods walked the earth. There were so many, and so many posers as well. One of my favorite bands was Dokken, and the lead guitar player George Lynch was one of the most technically brilliant guitar gods of that era. Sometimes I wonder with a lot of these bands and guitar players – where are they now? Well, since the 80’s George has toured the world many times, both by himself and with Dokken, and he’s done hundreds of guitar clinics and shows, and put out many guitar lesson videos, in addition to several solo projects. Let’s watch George in action and let his fingers do the talking!

George Lynch Warming Up Backstage Video – 1988

George Lynch in the Studio Video – late 80’s

George Lynch Breath and a Scream Video – 2007?

George Lynch Live in Japan Video – 1995

Got a favorite video of your guitar god? Like these videos? Leave a comment now!

Free Van Halen Tickets 2007 Tour

Van Halen is on tour with David Lee Roth – something that we as fans never thought we’d see. We also didn’t think that we’d see Eddie’s son Wolfgang on the bass in place of Michael Anthony! In my area the tickets for the new Van Halen shows sold out in record time – I didn’t even have a chance. All I can hope for now is either some free tickets in a radio contest – or getting some at a VERY high price on eBay. But until then (and in case you didn’t get your tickets) – I want you to watch this last Van Halen rehearsal video of 2007 on YouTube – even after all these years Ed is one of the most incredible guitar players on the planet!