Vince Mira Video – Johnny Cash would be proud

Well, you guitar slingers might not be big fans of The Ellen show, but I think you’ll like this video. Vince Mira was on her show (15 years old), and he’s a guitar player too. Watch this video and you’ll see him playing “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. What’s so special about it? He’s a dead ringer for Johnny Cash (his voice)! He’s really, really good. His pitch, and intonation is dead on – for such a young boy he has such a deep, deep, and controlled voice. Close your eyes and you will think it is Johnny Cash! Enjoy!

Led Zeppelin 2007 Reunion Video – get it while it lasts

There are all kinds of clips appearing on YouTube of the December 10th Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London. Looks like YouTube is deleting all kinds of them at will – so who knows how long these will last. Watch them while you can, this was a Led Zeppelin video you waited 19 years to see! Let’s hope that they actually do that reunion tour and album…but I heard on the radio todat that Robert Plant said the fewer people talk about it – the more likely they are to do it. I doubt that, as it would be the most profitable concert tour in the last 25 years!

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir, London Reunion

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heavan, London Reunion

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused, London Reunion

Quinn Sullivan – the blues guitar child prodigy you won’t forget

Here’s one you won’t soon forget – I want you to watch this video of Quinn Sullivan. He’s 8, he has his own band, and he probably plays better than you do! Apparently he loves The Beatles, his dad plays the drums in his band, and he’s been playing and performing since the AGE OF FOUR (yes I said 4)! He sings, he plays lead and fronts the band, he even writes his own songs including music and lyrics! In this video he plays the B.B. King classic “Thrill is gone”. Watching the whole video I hope that you’re amazed as much as I was as he begins the song playing lead, and then when he starts to sing with his very high but dead on voice, and then the lead in the middle when he not only works the hell out of that Wah pedal – but the stage presence and conviction he has is amazing! Remember his name – this child will be a guitar god by his teens, mark my words!

Quinn Sullivan – Thrill is Gone

Here’s a couple more vids of Quinn I found on YouTube:

Quinn Sullivan – My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ellen DeGeneres and Quinn Sullivan

Quinn Sullivan plays with Buddy Guy

Canon Rock Guitar Video by FunTwo

You’ve probably seen this one before, I’d be surprised if you didn’t, but it’s work watching again! Here’s a YouTube video of 22 year old Korean guy who goes by “FunTwo” on YouTube. It’s an incredible piece of work, I believe that in various versions this video was watched more than 43 million times. After his stellar guitar shredding performance, I’ll show you his interview way back when with CNN.

oh, by the way…special for the holidays – Here is “Carol Rock” by funtwo as well!

Really Weird Guitars to Die For

I was reading the news this morning when I came across this post about weird guitars. Of course I just HAD to post that her for you! I think that post was compiled from different places across the web since I’d seen one or two of these before. But the rest were new to me, and there are some really cool axes in this bunch. Be sure to visit that page and check them out. Here, I’ll post like 3 of them here to get you started!

Weird Guitars Photo #1
Weird Guitars Photo #2
Weird Guitars Photo #2

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Mattias IA Eklundh – Freak Guitar God!

I was doing a little bit of guitar video surfing on YouTube again today – and I came across a name I hadn’t seen in awhile – “Mattias IA Eklundh”. Mattias is a guitar god you may not know, and may never have even heard of before you read this post here on Guitar Review. Here, I’ll let his playing speak for itself, you watch this video first:

So now you know that Mattias Eklundh is both very talented and very unusual. Now that you’ve seen his soloing ability, I want you to hear (and see) it in the context of a song. Mattias writes both the lyrics as well as the music. Oh – did I mention he was the lead singer too? Mattias has albums by himself and also with his band “Freak Kitchen”. These videos are both with Freak Kitchen.

Nobody’s Laughing Here – by Freak Kitchen

In this next video you can hear not only Mattias’ fast and unusual lead technique, but also the various “sound effects” he’s able to create using only a pick and his fingers:

Speak When Spoken To – by Freak Kitchen

What did you think? His style is basically a meld of the greatest guitar gods with his own style on top. You can hear Vai, Satriani, Gilbert, and Van Halen. But you also hear some crazy, crazy noises. Reading his bio on his Freak Guitar web site and you’ll see that not only is Mattias left handed, but he uses absolutely NO EFFECTS whatsoever. NONE. All the sounds, noises, growls, and gurgles you hear are created using only his pick and his fingers. I encourage you to learn more about him. You can read his Wikipedia entry here. Be sure to visit Freak Kitchen’s web site as well.

I encourage you to check out both the Freak Kitchen records, but the solo “Freak Guitar” album’s by Mattias are freakin’ awesome! Be sure to get the Road Less Travelled one if you haven’t already, and be sure to listen to his instrumental rendition of “Detroit Rock City” among others!

Freak Kitchen

Spanking Hour


Freak Guitar: The Road Less Traveled

Freak Guitar