Incredible Harmonic Tapping Acoustic Performance

Eric Mongrain is name I hadn’t heard before, but I won’t forget it anytime soon. He also plays in a tapping style on his lap like a lot of electric players I’ve seen, but he plays acoustic and through his use of tapping, harmonics, and percussive techniques (like slapping the guitar) – he’s like a one man band! I love to watch something truly unique, and Eric has his own distinct style that you won’t soon forget. Watch how he gets the harmonics by just slapping the strings with his index finger – unbelievable!

Best Guitar Player Gift

Looking for the best guitar player gift money can buy? You’ve come to the right place. I can’t count the number of completely worthless gifts I’ve gotten over the years. Beatles calendars, Green Day sweatbands, Greatest Hits of the 80’s 4 CD set? Any of these sound familiar? They should, because they were all crummy gifts I’ve been given. If you know someone that plays guitar, I can’t really think of a better gift to give than a Guitar Center Gear Card!
Best Guitar Player Gift

I’ve been give a gear card several times before, and they’re great because you can buy what you want at home online and have it shipped right to your door – or walk right into Guitar Center and pick out what you want. Sometimes online you can find a “web only deal” or a Guitar Center “coupon code” to save even more money. I used mine to stock up on strings and picks, and another time I bought myself a new stompbox and strap. Maybe if you put enough on your guitar players card before you give it to him – he/she will have enough to buy a new guitar!

I’m going to put a few eBay auctions here for you to come back and watch, because sometimes you can find unwanted gift cards in an auction for pennies on the dollar!


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$500 Guitar Center Gift Card!!!

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14 String Warr Guitar is Crazy!

There are a lot of weird guitars out there, but I’d never heard of this “Warr guitar”. I’m not for sure, but I counted like 14 strings on this thing with double pickups! That’s two seven string guitars side by side! Look at the guitar strap when he plays it, it’s so heavy that you use two straps, and one loops around each arm. The Warr guitar has a MASSIVE fingerboard! You play it by tapping, two handed Stanley Jordan style. It seems like it would just take forever to learn how to play this thing. And what’s up with the dude playing it? It looks like some kind of crazy piercing through the bottom of his now!

Guitarist who play with their feet

Tony Melendez is known as the guy with no arms who played for the pope back in 1989. Warning – this video gets a bit preachy at times, but it’s incredible to watch him play. I can’t imagine how long it took to master strumming the strings, let alone fretting the notes with his toes.

This video is of Mike Goffeney who also has no arms and plays with his feet. This video is from 2003, he has a band now “Big Toe”, and then were actually in that “America’s Next Greatest Band” competition a few months back (they didn’t win). There’s a couple vids of him on YouTube singing on the street. He not only strums the notes, but plays a bit of mock lead every now and then, sings, and slaps the guitar with his feet for some of the drum parts. Quite a talent, some guys can’t even play and sing the guitar normally – this guy does it with no arms!

9 Year Old Guitar God Caught on Video

Here’s a video you won’t expect, it’s an 8 year old guitar god! You think I’m joking, and I have a lot of child guitar prodigy video to feature this week and next, but this is probably the “best of the best” I’ve seen at that age. Anton Oparin is from Russia, in a guitar competition in 2004 ” Guitar Masters – Greatest Shredders Compilation”. That means he’s 13 years old now. Listen to the solo he does, the runs are sooooo smooth, and sweep picking from hell – in and out of modes. What his fingers, I never – ever had that kind of speed, dexterity, and accurate picking (at any age). I’ve seen lots of Paul Gilbert video, and I actually think (technically) this kid is better…I sure as hell hope he won that competition.

Baby Plays Metallica

A Baby playing Metallica on guitar? It can’t be true…but it is! You find some really crazy stuff on YouTube, and this baby playing Metallica’s “Sad But True” is truly hilarious! What instrument could you play when you were that old?

That may have been real funny, but check this out – this eight year old plays the intro to Metallica’s “One” on electric guitar. Could you play anything on guitar when you were 8 years old? I’m always impressed by young musicians and what they can do, because imagine how he’ll be tearing it up by the time that he’s 16 years old? With YouTube, and computers, and free online lessons and video the next generation of shredders should be incredible!

Guitarist Jeff Healey Dies at Age 41

Today is a very sad day for guitarist as we lay another of our own to rest. Jeff Healey who had been battling cancer for most of his life died at age 41. Jeff meant a great deal to me since he’s only two years older, and I can remember first hearing of him just a few years out of high school. At the time he was unique because he could rip up that fretboard with the best master bluesman. I can remember hearing his first single on the radio “Confidence Man” -and it was just unbelieveable! Here is that original video I saw on MTV, actually later in that week after I heard it on the radio many times:

It wasn’t until after I saw that video that I realized not only he was blind, but what he played the guitar laying flat on his lap! That just floored every single guitar playing friend I had – none of us could believe it! Here’s Jeff Healey playing his the top 40 hit that made him famous with so many women worldwide:

Our band actually plays Angel Eyes when we play out, it’s always one of the favorite slow songs we do. Next, this video isn’t the greatest quality – but it’s one of my favorites nonetheless, it’s Jeff Healey playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan “Look at Little Sister”:

Jeff Healey – we will miss you! Your music will live on through many generations of guitarists!