Brian May Guitars Brian May Signature Electric Guitar Black

The Brian May Signature Electric Guitar features an acoustically chambered mahogany body, a dual truss rod mahogany neck, and ebony fingerboard. The pickups are Tri-Sonics that Brian sealed in Araldite adhesive to prevent microphonic feedback inherent with metal covered pickups. These are controlled by the original Brian May switching system with individual on/off and phase switches, one volume and one tone pot.The Brian May guitar is faithful to the spirit of Brian’s original ‘Red Special’, an instrument that has achieved iconic status and a unique place in rock history, and designed by Brian May himself. The Brian May Special is a stunning guitar, blessed with superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones. In fact, it delivers everything you’d expect from an instrument built to the exacting standards of one of the world’s greatest guitarists but, in keeping with Brian’s vision of a “guitar for the people”, with an amazingly affordable price-tag that belies its’ superior appointments and performance.Without question one of the most eagerly anticipated instruments of the century. The original BMG replica was originally launched in winter 2001 to rapturous critical and public acclaim. UK Guitarist magazine hailed it as “Best Guitar of The Year” and theater audiences around the globe thrilled to the guitar’s sound in performance in the Queen musical “We Will Rock You.” But the story certainly didn’t end there. Brian, his long-standing guitar, technician Pete Malandrone and House Music have significantly improved upon the guitar’s overall construction as well as refining the bridge assembly, electronics, finishing and color choices. Simply put, one of the finest artist-designed production guitars is now even better.

Craig T. Cooper Jazz Guitar

Craig T. Cooper was a favorite jazz guitarist of mine to listen to back in the 90’s. I come across so much music, and go through so many phases that it seems like sometimes over the years I lose touch with what certain artists are doing. I bought 2 Cooper CD’s during those years, Touchtone, and Darkman.

Here’s Touchtone:

Looks like he’s been busy making music since then – I found this vid on Youtube from a recent album “Quality Time”:

Craig T. Cooper Project - S/T LP - Valley Vue SEALED

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Craig T. Cooper Project by Craig T. Cooper (CD, 1989, Valley Vue)

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Craig T Cooper-HourGlass CD NEW

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Line 6 Flextone III Plus 1×12 Stereo Combo Amp

The Line 6 Flextone III Plus 1×12 Stereo Combo Amp is designed for guitarists seeking the warmth of tube tone coupled with modeling flexibility. The 112 Plus Combo delivers 75W mono or 150W stereo (with extention cab) to a single 12″ custom Celestion speaker, providing 32 classic amps and power to spare. 12 premium effects models, 16 mix ‘n’ match speaker cab options, stereo XLR out, and 4 user-programmable channels (36 with the optional Floor Board 420880) for instant storage of the tones you create. MIDI capability for deep editing and access to Line 6 Tone Transfer Library.

Alvarez Regent Series RF8 Folk Acoustic Guitar Natural

Alvarez has a distinguished reputation for providing extremely high-quality instruments at very accommodating prices. This Regent Series RF8 makes traditional Alvarez craftsmanship available to beginning guitarists with a select spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and genuine rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Top binding and an original bridge shape combine with chrome die cast tuners and a unique pickguard design to make a visually stunning guitar.

Tobias Killer B Bass

If you’re looking for a quality 5-string – how can you go wrong with a Tobias Killer B Bass? If you’re looking for some killer tone that will rock the house no matter what style you’re playing – you can’t go wrong here. Clear well-defined tone, unstoppable sustain, and precise articulation are the hallmarks of the Killer B bass. Besides a great name it features a 5-piece Asym neck with dual truss rod and mother-of-pearl position markers on a pau ferro fingerboard. 2-piece body in a choice of woods. Dual Bartolini pickups. Controls include mid cut/boost, pickup blend pan, and master volume with push/pull slap switch. Grover tuners. Black hardware.

Here’s a video review of the Tobias Killer B:

Tobias Guitars - Killer B - Bardi Martin of Candlebox - 1994 Print Advertisement

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DNA Analogic SF-1 Smoky Fuzz Pedal

Unlike other boutique fuzz pedals that are basically copies of one particular vintage unit, the Smoky Fuzz uses a combination of past and present technologies to create a wide palette of fuzz effects in a single, versatile box. The SF-1’s 3 controls (Volume, Sense, Fuzz) are deceptively simple, yet they provide a huge array of fuzz effects due to their highly interactive nature. In low Fuzz settings, the SF-1 operates as a full-frequency overdrive with amazing note clarity and sparkling sustain reminiscent of a cranked Fender Bassman. Turning the Fuzz control clockwise increases gain, offering the sustained, singing sound of a vintage Fuzz Face or similar germanium device.At high Fuzz settings the SF-1 becomes a sizzling, screaming, spitting monster with the trademark “hauling” effect that defines a great fuzz. All of these settings can be fine tuned with the Sense control, which determines the overall EQ and frequency range in which the fuzz effect is focused.The Smoky Fuzz is the perfect companion for the player who wants classic fuzz effects without the hassle of vintage gear or the limitations of boutique clones. Simply put, the SF-1 smokes!

Homespun Happy Traum’s Guitar Series Book

Some of the greatest guitar books you may not know about are from Happy Traum.  Happy Traum created these easy, enjoyable Guitar Building Blocks Series lessons to help novice players learn essential guitar techniques, along with several songs to illustrate each subject. Great for beginning/intermediate guitarists who want to target specific areas for improvement. The 4 Guitar Building Blocks lessons include: Barre Chords and How to Use ThemBass Runs and How to Use Them, Instant Fingerpicking Success, and Creating Easy Song Arrangements. Includes music and tab. (Lessons also sold individually, see recommended products on this page)

You might find Happy Traum on eBay as well:

Hal Leonard Happy Traum Fingerstyle Arrangements Six Blues, Country, Folk Songs

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Basic Guitar Lessons - Play Guitar with Happy Traum Book NEW 014003527

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Happy Traum Teaches Seven Classic Bob Dylan Songs [2 DVD Region 1

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Happy Traum: Five-String Banjo for Beginners DVD Region ALL DVD-R

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Happy Traum m- LP Relax Your Mind

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Jean Ritchie Happy Traum Sire London LP

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Basic Guitar Lessons Book 1 Learn to Play with Happy Traum for Beginner NEW

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Happy Traum Guitar Method: Basic Theory That Every G DVD Region

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