Best I’ve Seen – Guitar Pedal Stompbox Adapter Cord Saver

I’ve seen a lot of new gear come out, and it’s not that it all sucks or anything….but there’s so many things that I want, and only so much money to go around. So most times I get what I need, and not exactly what I “want” if you know what I need. Here’s something new that is both, and I don’t know why somebody didn’t think of it before. It’s the ‘1 Spot’ and this adapter cable can power up to 8 guitar pedals. You want more? It powers vintage stompboxes too. It will power Boss, DOD, Danelectro, Ibanez, and many other guitar pedals as well. You even get a converter for EH pedals, in addition to Line 6 pods too. For what this thing does – it’s so totally worth $35 I can’t even tell you. Why? Well, batteries suck for one. Ever try playing a show with a weak battery? I’ve bought an old stompbox for $50 thinking it was a great bargain. Only to find out that the adapter is another $20. With this one adapter you can power 8 stomp boxes and it only takes up ONE spot on the strip. Save money, save space – get one of these for your rig, it’s a great deal!

Visual Sound 1 Spot Combo Pack Visual Sound 1 Spot Combo Pack

At a fraction of the cost, the 1 SPOT is more powerful than competitive products and takes up NO space on your pedalboard!

With the new 8-plug cable included in this Combo Pack, you can power up to 8 pedals. And by linking additional Multi-Plug cables, you can power a virtually unlimited number of pedals! The L6 Converter allows the 1-SPOT to power Line 6 modeling pedals, while the 3.5mm and Battery Clip Converters allow you to power vintage style pedals.

The Visual Sound 1 SPOT Combo Pack consists of a 1 SPOT Power Adapter, Multi-Plug 8 Cable, (2) Battery Clip Converters, (2) 3.5mm (1/8″) Converters and an L6 Converter for Line 6 modeling pedals.

The 1 SPOT is the original 9V DC adapter that only takes up one spot on your power strip. With the ability to handle up to 1700mA, the 1 SPOT can power your entire pedalboard.

The 1 SPOT makes compatibility, polarity, plug size, voltage, etc. easy by providing a guaranteed list of adapters it can replace: Boss PSA, Boss ACA, DOD PS-200R, Morley 9V, Danelectro DA-1, Dunlop ECB-03, Ibanez AC109, and Zoom AD-0006. If your pedal takes one of these adapters (90% of the time), the 1 SPOT is for you.

You can even use the 1 SPOT anywhere in the world without a voltage converter because it automatically converts voltage worldwide. No need to worry about AC hum coming through an adapter – the 1 SPOT is one of the quietest power sources you can buy.

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