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Eric Gales Unbelievable Little Wing Cover

Here’s a name that you might not have heard for a few years – Eric Gales.  If you go back in time to the late Eighties there were tons of new guitar heroes coming out each and every day.  Because of the influence of mainly EVH and SRV (and all the hair metal heroes), every label was looking for the next 6-stringed rock god.  We all remember guitar prodigy Jonny Lang coming out with his CD when he was only 16.  But that was the late 90’s.  His hit Lie to Me didn’t come out until 1997.  Eric Gales got his first record deal at at 16 in 1990.

I remember hearing him on the radio with Paralyzed and Sign of the Storm.  He just never had that breakout hit, but I did get his Eric Gales Band CD in 1991.  He’s what I call the unsung hero of guitar heroes – and you can see what I mean in the video below.  All these years and decades later he has just played, and played, and played all over the world.  He has never stopped, and he is now an unmistakable virtuoso.  SRV’s rendition of Little Wing has always been my #1 favorite (I like it even more than Hendrix).  Eric’s live version always has crazy intense cascading arpeggios (in key of course).  I mean, in pure theory it’s shredding.  But (to me) it’s not Yngwie or Gilbert like.  Your opinion may vary, but to me it’s like shredding – but with soul.  If you weren’t already listening, I hope I made you rediscover (or find for the first time) Eric Gales.  You will not be disappointed.


Gary Moore – Incredible Blues Guitar

I was a child of the 80’s so hair metal was my thing. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate all the guitar slingers I heard during that time. The first time I really got into Gary Moore was during his “Still got the Blues” phase mid-80’s. It was that album that gave him widespread mainstream top 40 success with the hit single “still got the blues”. This ones for the ladies!

I didn’t know it at the time, but Gary Moore wasn’t some kind of overnight sensation, he had many albums and critical acclaim well before “Still got the blues”. One of the songs he was known for was “Parisienne Walkways” – which in this video he plays with Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. You can see how old this video is from Phil’s massive afro and also that crazy Michael Jackson leather outfit Gary’s wearing. In this video Gary defines the meaning of the word “sustain”. Watch how incredibly long he stays on one note in the middle of the song.

With complete proof that “Gary Moore still has it” this video from 2004’s “50th anniversary of the strat” dvd showcases the incredible guitar skills he has. This is maybe the single “best performance of Red House” I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen dozens and dozens). It’s so emotional and dead on. When you watch Gary Moore play guitar he’s like the “Joe Cocker” of the guitar. He has a completely straight face when he sings, and seconds later while bending a note his face looks like he’s getting a colonoscopy.

I’ll leave you with the first single from the “Still Got the Blues” album which is “Oh Pretty Woman”. This is the original video, which was actually on MTV. Listen to the blisteringly fast blues runs and incredible solo sections of this song. Gary was one of the first “blues shredders” that I ever knew of. I still love to hear his playing to this day.

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Billy Gibbons plays Texas Flood 2008

This is an incredible performance you may not have seen yet, it’s Billy Gibbons of “that little ‘ol band from Texas” – ZZ Top! He’s playing at the Fender gala at NAMM – and he belts out his rendition of “Texas Flood” on his well-worn Telecaster. He talks a little bit before the song – which is why this guitar video is 8 minutes long. He remembers that back in the day he and Stevie Ray Vaughan would fight over the words to the third verse of this song (and it turns out they both had them wrong). You just can’t beat Billy Gibbons, he makes it sound like “Pearly Gates” Every Time!

Guitarist Jeff Healey Dies at Age 41

Today is a very sad day for guitarist as we lay another of our own to rest. Jeff Healey who had been battling cancer for most of his life died at age 41. Jeff meant a great deal to me since he’s only two years older, and I can remember first hearing of him just a few years out of high school. At the time he was unique because he could rip up that fretboard with the best master bluesman. I can remember hearing his first single on the radio “Confidence Man” -and it was just unbelieveable! Here is that original video I saw on MTV, actually later in that week after I heard it on the radio many times:

It wasn’t until after I saw that video that I realized not only he was blind, but what he played the guitar laying flat on his lap! That just floored every single guitar playing friend I had – none of us could believe it! Here’s Jeff Healey playing his the top 40 hit that made him famous with so many women worldwide:

Our band actually plays Angel Eyes when we play out, it’s always one of the favorite slow songs we do. Next, this video isn’t the greatest quality – but it’s one of my favorites nonetheless, it’s Jeff Healey playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan “Look at Little Sister”:

Jeff Healey – we will miss you! Your music will live on through many generations of guitarists!

Incredible Blues Guitar – Ronnie Earl

There are a lot of unsung blues guitar heroes, but the one I find a lot of guitarists still don’t know is Ronnie Earl. I can’t remember the first time I head him, but he’s incredible. I like guitar players that have a distinctive voice – and he does. Just when you think you’ve got him figured out – he does something different. I’ve would describe him as a bit Stevie Ray Vaughan, a little Gary Moore, with a Bit of B.B. King. He has what I call “stream of conciousness playing”, which to me is when the notes come out as if someone was talking. The notes come out as the player is thinking, and the improv happens on the fly as a “stream of conciousness”. Ronnie didn’t even start playing until he was 22 years old in 1975. He’s known for replacing Duke Robillard in Roomful of Blues in the 80’s. He was in that band for 8 years before going on to record many solo CD’s. He’s music has gone through many phases over the years from jazz to blues, instrumental and vocal (he himself doesn’t sing), traditional to comtemporary. Ronnie is just an incredible bluesman….here’s a few videos on YouTube I found for you to watch: