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Krank Rev Jr Guitar Amp

Krank amps are known for being LOUD and favored by metal gods like Dimbag Darrell. Did you know Krank sold versions that were a little more lightweight? The Rev Jr. amp head boasts an all tube dual channel head (two 5881s, three 12AX7s) with boost switch and a tube-driven active effects loop that gives even the most discerning tube amp enthusiasts an array of tones ranging from clean to high gain.Krank Amplifiers have been a driving force in the popularization of lower wattage micro stacks with the introduction of the Rev Jr., the 20W version of the monster Rev Series 1 head and cabs and the first in the line of the Jr. Series of small amps.

Here’s a video review from Guitar World of the Krank Rev Jr guitar amp:

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Light Duty ATA Case Recessed/Carpet Lined For Krank Rev Jr. Pro 50W Tube Head

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KRANK AMPLIFICATION - CHADWICK SERIES - 2 Channel 50 Watt Guitar Amp Head - New

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Light Duty ATA Case Recessed/Carpet Lined For KRANK REV SST 200W HYBRID Amp Head

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Pantera Dimebag Darrell Krankenstein Krank Guitar Amps ad 8 x 11 advertisement

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Krank Amps - Dimebag / Amott / Hipa /Novinec /Donais - 2006 Print Advertisement

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AMT Electronics Guitar Preamp K-2 (Legend Amp Series 2) emulates Krank amps

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Pantera Dimebag Darrell 1966 - 2004 Krank Guitar Amps Tribute 8 x 11 ad print

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New Tung-Sol Tube Upgrade Kit For Krank Krankenstein Amps 6L6GCSTR/12AX7

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Sovtek Tube Kit For Krank Revolution & Revolution 1 Amps w/ 6L6WXT+ & 12AX7WA

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Sovtek Tube Kit For Krank Chadwick Amps w/ 6L6WXT+ & 12AX7WA

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