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Is Flamenco Metal a Thing?

Short answer is – yes it is!

Years ago (in my younger days) when I started on guitar, my parents would only let me switch from violin to guitar if I agreed to take classical guitar lessons.  So I did.  That was even my major in college for a brief time.  My father even took me to see Segovia once in high school (before he died).  Because I played a nylon string guitar, I had also picked up some Flamenco tapes (because it was pretty cool).

I also liked heavy metal (as guitar players did in the 80’s).  I’ve been listening to a lot of guitar podcasts lately (shout out to No Guitar is Safe with Jude Gold), and one that was really cool was with Ben Woods.  You can find Ben on YouTube here.  Ben invented a style, and recorded some records under “Flametal”.  Flamenco metal.  Basically he’s playing a metal cover with a Flamenco guitar.

It’s easier to show you than explain it:

Have you ever seen anything like that before?  I sure hadn’t.  I guess sometimes he also calls it “acoustic Flamenco shred”.  I think that Flamenco is cool anyway, but listening to your favorite Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ynwie, Ozzy, and other metal bands “Flamenco style” is just that much better!

We have the Amazon Echo in our house – with Amazon music on it.  So it’s great to just tell Alexa to play “Flametal” – you can find most of Ben’s stuff streaming on Amazon here.

Gary Moore – Incredible Blues Guitar

I was a child of the 80’s so hair metal was my thing. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate all the guitar slingers I heard during that time. The first time I really got into Gary Moore was during his “Still got the Blues” phase mid-80’s. It was that album that gave him widespread mainstream top 40 success with the hit single “still got the blues”. This ones for the ladies!

I didn’t know it at the time, but Gary Moore wasn’t some kind of overnight sensation, he had many albums and critical acclaim well before “Still got the blues”. One of the songs he was known for was “Parisienne Walkways” – which in this video he plays with Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. You can see how old this video is from Phil’s massive afro and also that crazy Michael Jackson leather outfit Gary’s wearing. In this video Gary defines the meaning of the word “sustain”. Watch how incredibly long he stays on one note in the middle of the song.

With complete proof that “Gary Moore still has it” this video from 2004’s “50th anniversary of the strat” dvd showcases the incredible guitar skills he has. This is maybe the single “best performance of Red House” I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen dozens and dozens). It’s so emotional and dead on. When you watch Gary Moore play guitar he’s like the “Joe Cocker” of the guitar. He has a completely straight face when he sings, and seconds later while bending a note his face looks like he’s getting a colonoscopy.

I’ll leave you with the first single from the “Still Got the Blues” album which is “Oh Pretty Woman”. This is the original video, which was actually on MTV. Listen to the blisteringly fast blues runs and incredible solo sections of this song. Gary was one of the first “blues shredders” that I ever knew of. I still love to hear his playing to this day.

You can find all kinds of great deals on Gary Moore merchandise, like used and new CD’s, DVD’s – and all kinds of imports you can’t seem to get anywhere else at all.

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Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Ever wanted to make your own guitar picks? Looks like it’s pretty easy to do with a little time, some imagination, and some household throwaway items. I was surprised how inventive people can be. The Makezine had an article on making your own credit card guitar picks that was pretty cool. How much easier could it be, you just trace an existing pick – and then cut them out!

Check out this Flickr photo pool of homemade guitar picks! This guy has been using every imaginable including cardboard, cd’s, aluminum, plastic packaging, and the lid of a laptop!

Here’s a YouTube video of a guy making his own clear guitar pick:

The only disadvantage I can see to all this is the fact that you have to sand the edges of your homemade picks with an emery board before using – and that seems a bit tedious. I am personally pretty attached to my Fender Medium Tortoise shell picks, and I can go through one every couple days. I prefer buying my guitar picks in a bulk lot – so I don’t have to buy any again for quite awhile?

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Iron Maiden Video

One band that was a big influence on me as a young guitarist was “Iron Maiden”. In the hey-day of the hair metal 80’s the two REALLY big bands were Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Coincidentally – both had dualling lead guitarist, and both were from the UK. I remember having “Killers” on cassette tape and listening to it endlessly on my Walkman, and then doing the same when “Piece of Mind” came out. Two of the first songs I ever learned to play were “The Trooper” and “Wrathchild”. I can remember sitting with many guitar buddy while playing The Trooper, and they took the low notes, and I the high. I’m pretty sure I had Killers way before I purchased a little known import from Japan – Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning”. When you hear Wrathchild you can’t help but think – if this didn’t influence both Metallica and Megadeth, then WTF did?

Iron Maiden Video “The Trooper”:

Iron Maiden Video “Wrathchild” with original singer “Paul Dianno”:

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Jimmy Page plays Danelectro ’59 Earls Court 1975

59 Danelectro reissue guitar
In the Led Zeppelin Earls Court performance in 1975 video you’ll see that Jimmy Page plays a 1959 Danelectro on the song “In My Time of Dying”. This is kind of rare because Page is known for his love of Gibson guitars and particularly the Les Paul. But this song has all kinds of slide work, and the ringing twangy sound of the Danelectro ’59 turned out to be the perfect choice for this masterpiece. Here, I’ll let you watch the video I saw on VH1 class tonight that made me think about it:

After seeing that performance I wondered if they made a reissue of that guitar today – and sure enough they do! They have it at musicians friend, and for a very reasonable $299! I just couldn’t believe it. I read the reviews, and it’s getting like 4-4.5 stars out of 5! The description says that the bridge can now be adusted (the original couldn’t) and the tuners are much better (probably stay in tune now!), but the reason that this instrument has a twangy sound is because of the aluminum nut. That and those awesome lipstick tube pickups. This is an awesome sounding (and looking) guitar for the money! Oh – did I mention that it’s awesome for open chord and slide guitar work? In addition it comes in 4 awesome colors, royal blue, green, black, and burgundy. I believe it’s on sale right now for just $249!! What a great gift idea for a guitarist you might know!

Danelectro '59 Dano Electric Guitar Black Danelectro ’59 Dano Electric Guitar BlackThe ’59 Dano reissue electric guitar is based on the guitar model first released in 1959 and sold through the mid-’60s. Just because this guitar is inexpensive and a tad outr‚ doesn’t mean it’s not a serious instrument. The ’59 Dano guitar features professional-level playability, intonation, and electronics. The ’59 Dano is a guitar that will withstand the rigors of the road and continuous stage work in addition to inviting curious glances and knowing nods of approval.

The ’59 Dano comes in finishes inspired by classic car colors of the day and have zero gloss, which helps convey the retro vibe. The glossless colors, swooshing pickguard, lipstick pickups, ridged knobs, and vertical headstock logo all help to create the immediate impression that this is an instrument from another time.

The body is a double-cutaway, and features the familiar plastic tape that runs around the edge of the guitar. Originally, this was to hide the seam in the two-piece body construction. Modern Dano’s are not made using this clamshell method anymore, but the tape remains, as it is such a distinctive part of the look. The tape is affixed using a self-adhesive, and is aged with a shellac to give it a slightly brown-streaked or discolored look which adds to the vintage vibe. The pressed-particle pickguard is covered in the same material and cut precisely to fit.

The Alnico pickups are the lipstick variety, and have the same design as the ones that appeared in the ’50s, when actual lipstick tubes (purchased from cosmetics makers) were used to house the electronics. One modern improvement is the bridge, which, on the reissue, is capable of being intonated.

Also an improvement over the original is the tuners, which are die cast and hold the tuning well. The nut is made of aluminum and contributes to the twanginess and uniqueness of tone that the Dano’s were known for. In addition to sitting in a nut slot, the nut itself is screwed into the top edge of the fingerboard.

The playability is one of the most impressive aspects of this guitar— the action is low enough for velocity playing, yet was buzz-free on every fret. The neck is not speed-demon shallow, but its depth adds to the sustain, tone, and general feeling of substance.

The ’59 Dano’s pickups are bright and sparkly, but not shrill. The manufacturer reports that the 2007 reissue features a warmer wind on the pickups, which increases the output and provides a less high-endy tone. The jangly pickups and aluminum nut work well when playing open-position chords and single lines. Very versatile is the neck pickup—mellow and strong but not dull, perhaps due to the extra windings and its placement midway down the string length. The three-position switch and volume and tone knobs are rugged and stand up well to aggressive swiping and twisting.

Aside from being a definite conversation starter, the ’59 Dano is a quality, low-priced instrument. It would be great as a

Oh – don’t forget about Musician’s Friend Free Shipping over $49!

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Check out some Danelectro’s on eBay right now!

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Blues from Guitarist Robben Ford

I love the blues, and guitarist Robben Ford is one of my favorite blues guitar players. If you’ve ever read a guitar magazine, you’ve likely heard of him – but outside the blues and guitar communities he’s not well known. That’s a shame since he’s put out over 21 albums and 9 more with other musicians – including Larry Carlton, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, and Michael Osbourne.

People often think that the blues is all the same. There’s no doubt that it can be, but as a genre of music there can be so much more than what is on the surface – in the same way as Jazz. I enjoy something when I can it goes beyond the “format” and I can say “wow, that was really good”. What I like about Robben Ford is that he writes his own lyrics, he’s a good singer, but most importantly it complements his amazing playing – which is an extension of his soul. The best guitar players have soul, tone, versatility, and dynamics – that can keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.

To me – this is the greatest difference between players like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai – and Eric Johnson or Stevie Ray Vaughan. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are technically brilliant buy in my opinion are all flash and no soul, and normally no tone at all. Stevie Ray Vaughan are all about tone and dynamics, and their singing and song writing both complement their playing. Maybe it’s no coincidence that Vai doesn’t sing at all and Satriani – well, he tries to sing.

I want you to take moment to listen to these Robben Ford videos and listen to the chord voicings, the leads, the riffs, the dynamics, and the way it complements the overall song. The guitar, like a piano can have a voice all it’s own that creates a visual tapestry unlike any other single instrument except the piano.

Robben Ford – Worried Life Blues

Robben Ford – Nothin’ but the Blue

Robben Ford – Supernatural

Robben Ford – How Deep in the Blues do you Want to Go?

Robben Ford – Indiana Blues

Now that you’ve seen him in action – watch this video which will explain his (jazz) chord voicings – and why he plays the way he does….maybe it will make you think a bit differently about your own playing…

Robben Ford Clinic – Mixing Jazz with Blues Chords

I absolutely LOVE Robben’s new album “Soul on Ten” and I’ve probably heard it 10 times this week alone. I highly suggest you get it:

You can also get the MP3 version for download as well:

ZZ Top – Breakaway Video

[youtube_post video_id=kSHhAkVreiw]

I love ZZ Top, you can often catch me trolling You-Tube for ZZ Top Videos.  I could watch them all day because I just love the way Billy Gibbons plays that ‘ol geetar!!

Description: music video for ZZ Top’s song “Breakaway” taken from their 1994 album “Antenna”. Video featuring Vincent Schiavelli and Fairuza Balk.

ZZ Top - Eliminator [New CD]

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Albert Collins – the Iceman

Check out Albert Collins, “The Iceman” back in 2003 paying the blues! He was know as the “Master of the Telecaster”! He had what the considered a vicious right hand attack, because he played completely with his finger and not a pick at all! He was also known for playing out of a Fender Super 6 Dual Reverb with 6 speakers in a cabinet aslmost as tall as him! Albert Collins is considered one of the original bluesman from the 60’s+.

Motley Crue Letterman Video

Did you see Motley Crue Play the Late Show with David Letterman last night? WTF!? Have you any idea what you missed?

I’m almost 40, and I was a child of the 80’s. I grew up with Motley Crue, and all the other hair metal bands. In the last week or so I’ve watched the 2008 Motley Crue concert on VH1 Classic a bunch of times – and (even though I’m a fan) I was shocked at how good it was. After, they’ve been playing Motley’s new single “Saints of Los Angeles” – and I gotta say, it rips balls! The f’ng Crue is back baby – and it’s not!

Here’s Motley Crue arriving at David Letterman:

And here’s Motley Crue performing “Saints of Los Angeles” on David Letterman:

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Michael Jackson’s Guitarist Was Orianthi Panagaris

Orianthi and Michael Jackson
Orianthi and Michael Jackson

Did you know that late Michael Jackson’s guitarist was Orianthi Panagaris?  Like many other people I saw the “This is It” Michael Jackson movie this week, and of course (as a guitarist) his blonde bombshell shredding guitar god was more than a little noticed by me.  The funny thing about it is as you watch the movie you figured MJ picked her as guitar player because of her looks.  Then at the point when “Beat It” comes up in the movie and she rips a solo out NOTE FOR NOTE of the Van Halen solo (and then some) – your eyes get big and you’re like “holy shit!”.  Her playing throughout the movie was stunning, enough to make me (and half the world) wonder – who the hell was Michael Jackson’s guitar player for the O2 concerts that got featured in the This is It movie?

A few keystrokes later once I got home and I learned a lot (through google)  about Orianthi Panagaris.  Her name is greek, and she’s from Australia.  She’s been playing guitar since she was 6 years old.  She’s 24 now, but she’s been playing PRS guitars since she was 11 years old.  She was enamored with Sanatana and claims to have worn out all of his video tapes because she played them so many times.  As the story goes she dropped out of school at the age of 15 to study and perform guitar.  She wrote Santana and sent him some tapes of her playing classical songs.  She didn’t hear back – until he toured Australia, and he sent word for her to come to the show and come backstage to meet him.  He liked her so much that she ended up performing with him that night on stage in concert.  You can see why!  Since she has performed with Prince, and Steve Vai, and you might remember seeing her on stage with Carrie Underwoood at the Grammy awards.  Carrie asked her to be in the band after that performance, but she declined.  Read her complete bio on Wikipedia.

Orianthi talks candidly about her time with Michael Jackson during rehearsals, and how he picked her during auditions on the Australian “Today Show”:

Listen to Oriathi’s spanish Santana influence as she rips a blistering solo:

Here Orianthi rips it up at NAMM in 2006

This is a promo interview video called “Get to Know Orianthi”

Here’s Orianthi in 2007 playing “Song for Steve”

Orianthi tears it up at NAMM on stage in 2007:

Here Orianthi plays at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads guitar festival 2007:

Orianthi’s interviewed about Michael Jackson’s death on CNN:

If you thought that Orianthi was just a shredder – you were wrong! Watch her tear it up on acoustic guitar in this video:

This is a video and song Orianthi recorded for Panasonic:

Here’s Orianthi giving a little guitar lesson on her YouTube video channel:

This is Michael Jackson last concert footage with Orianthi Panagaris on guitar

Here is the first song from her new album “Believe” – According to You:

Here are some pictures of Orinathi as well – enjoy!

Orianthi Panagaris Michael Jackson
Orianthi Panagaris Michael Jackson
Orianthi Panagaris
Orianthi Panagaris