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Joe Bonamassa Plays the Blues

I love Joe Bonamassa. He has a distinctive blues guitar playing style that is a mix of Gary Moore and Pat Travers – in my opinion. The thing about him is he kind of burst on the scene when he was about 12 years old as a prodigy, and now that he’s 31 his albums show so much diversity over the years. He’s definitely not a one trick pony bluesman if you know what I mean. Just watch his progression over the years in these videos:

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Solo 2001:

Joe Bonamassa Black Coffee (in the studio) 2002:

Joe Bonamassa Pain and Sorrow 2003:

Joe Bonamassa 2004 Montreal Jazz Festival:

Joe Bonamassa 2005 Had to Cry Today:

Joe Bonamassa 2006 Legendary Rhythm Blues Cruise:

Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin video 2007:

What do you think about Joe Bonamassa?

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