ESP LTD Cobweb Guitar

Esp has been making these LTD series guitars for awhile now, and you can’t beat what you can get for the money. They look great, play fast like a dream, and their resale value is pretty high. I’m sorry, you don’t get half of the guitar for the same money in an Epiphone.

The LTD EC-Cobweb is based on custom artwork by designed by groundbreaking UK artist Sam Shearon (a.k.a. Mister-Sam). His style, often referred to as “dark surrealism”, is reflected in the Cobweb, which will have a limited production run of just 100 guitars. Each guitar will include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. The guitar is based on ESP’s popular LTD EC-500 model, which has a set-neck single-cutaway design at 24-3/4″ scale, a mahogany body, a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and EMG-81 (bridge)/60 (neck) active pickups.The famous single-cutaway guitar body style never looked better! The mahogany body sounds as good as it looks. Featuring an Earvana compensated nut so your tuning is spot on in every key and a thin U-shape neck with 24 extra-jumbo frets, you’re going to sound amazing and feel great playing this guitar! With an EMG-81 JB pickup in the bridge position and 60 active pickup for the neck, your crowd won’t miss a single lick!

ESP LTD Standard EC-401 Electric Guitar- Vintage Black EMG 57/66

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ESP LTD Kirk Hammett Junior guitar KH-JR, super cool high quality 3/4 size axe!!

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ESP LTD EC-256 Black Electric Guitar with ESP humbucker pickups

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ESP LTD EC-1000 VB Vintage Black Deluxe Series EMG NEW Electric Guitar EC1000

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ESP LTD TE-200 M See-thru BlackCherry (LTE200MSTBC)Electric Guitar

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ESP LTD EC-1000 Vintage Black Deluxe Series Electric Guitar w/ EMG Pickups

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ESP LTD Elite ST-1 Electric Guitar See-Thru Black Made in Japan EMG Floyd Rose

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ESP LTD Phoenix Guitar played by Roman Surman of Wednesday 13 Murderdolls

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ESP LTD MH-301 Electric guitar

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ESP LTD F-50 Cherry Red Electric Guitar - Free Shipping! No Reserve!

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End time: 2018-01-22 03:00:34

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