M-Audio Black Box Reloaded Guitar Multi Effects Processor

M-Audio makes some of the best stuff around – especially if you are a musician that’s into home recording.  There’s some many reasons to buy the black box from the dozens of drum beats to the Pro-tools interface.  That’s not even including the amp models you get in this thing.  I’m sorry – for a hundred bucks, you can’t beat this things.

The award-winning Black Box Reloaded Multi Effect Processor is designed for guitar players who want to stretch the creative potential of the guitar. With an inspiring array of unique effects that automatically beat-sync to your song tempo or the included drum patterns, the M-Audio Black Box allows you to quickly access intricate delay lines, randomized filters, pulsing feedback effects and countless other ways of jumpstarting the songwriting process. Co-developed by M-Audio and Roger Linn Design, the Black Box effect processor is a creative tool for guitarists that combines amp modeling, powerful beat-synced effects and a drum machine with a Pro Tools M-Powered compatible audio interface for computer-based recording.  With version 2 firmware, the Black Box features 40 amp models-including spot-on emulations of many of the greatest guitar amps of all time. The unit also incorporates over 120 unique inspiring effects, many of which beat-sync to the internal drum patterns or to an external sequencer. 100 built-in drum patterns with tap tempo make it easy to try out different grooves and tempos. A built-in microphone preamp is also included for recording and processing vocals and acoustic instruments. One simple USB connection sends the output directly to your favorite computer-based recording software-and syncs the Black Box’s drums and effects to your tracks. The M-Audio Black Box gives you killer tone, groundbreaking effects, huge beats, and it’s the only dedicated guitar product in the world that gives you access to Pro Tools M-Powered.