Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Ever wanted to make your own guitar picks? Looks like it’s pretty easy to do with a little time, some imagination, and some household throwaway items. I was surprised how inventive people can be. The Makezine had an article on making your own credit card guitar picks that was pretty cool. How much easier could it be, you just trace an existing pick – and then cut them out!

Check out this Flickr photo pool of homemade guitar picks! This guy has been using every imaginable including cardboard, cd’s, aluminum, plastic packaging, and the lid of a laptop!

Here’s a YouTube video of a guy making his own clear guitar pick:

The only disadvantage I can see to all this is the fact that you have to sand the edges of your homemade picks with an emery board before using – and that seems a bit tedious. I am personally pretty attached to my Fender Medium Tortoise shell picks, and I can go through one every couple days. I prefer buying my guitar picks in a bulk lot – so I don’t have to buy any again for quite awhile?

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