Motley Crue Letterman Video

Did you see Motley Crue Play the Late Show with David Letterman last night? WTF!? Have you any idea what you missed?

I’m almost 40, and I was a child of the 80’s. I grew up with Motley Crue, and all the other hair metal bands. In the last week or so I’ve watched the 2008 Motley Crue concert on VH1 Classic a bunch of times – and (even though I’m a fan) I was shocked at how good it was. After, they’ve been playing Motley’s new single “Saints of Los Angeles” – and I gotta say, it rips balls! The f’ng Crue is back baby – and it’s not!

Here’s Motley Crue arriving at David Letterman:

And here’s Motley Crue performing “Saints of Los Angeles” on David Letterman:

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