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Welcome to Guitar Review! Home of stomp box pedal, amp, and guitar reviews.

All musicians go online to watch videos and read reviews of their favorite gear. You want to get as much information as you can before spending your hard earned money. If there’s a few things I’ve learned in 30+ years of playing it’s that musicians are never satisfied, and they are very opinionated. Along with a lifetime of playing, comes a lifetime of buying and selling musical gear. This website is a compilation of my gear purchases (and sales) over the years. We’re talking upwards of 100 guitars, and as many (or more) pedals and stomp boxes, and more amps than you can shake a stick at. I’ve gone through solid state amps, boutique amps, modeling and Line 6 amps, and everything in between. I’ve also tried about every guitar line out there from Fender to Gibson, as well as Ibanez, PRS, BC Rich, Washburn, Godin, Reverend, and many, many more. I hope you enjoy my website, maybe you’ll find something new for yourself along the way!

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