Guitar Samples for EXS24

This must be the holy grail of guitar samples! I don’t think you could find a bigger collection. Users of Apple’s Logic EXS24 sampler software will love this collection of 1,791 guitar samples. From the production house of Terry Grame/Sounds and Effects Inc., 1.5 GB of vintage electric guitars, including a ’69 Les Paul, ’71 Gretsch Roc Jet Dlx, ’67 Gibson ES-335, ’73 SG, Rickenbacher 360-12 string, ’58 Gibson ES-175, American Standard Telecaster, Roger Sadowsky custom shop Strat, and more were captured in all their authentic glory. Most were played through a Marshall four speaker stack, an original 1965 Fender Deluxe “Blackface”, or both, giving them the classic tones they were known for. Some were programmed straight up, while others were recorded with multiple velocity layers, and pickup selections, includes wah-wahs, bottle slide, and other effects for some intriguing sounds. If you’re looking for an interesting sample DVD of the oldies but goodies, this is it!

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