Steinberger Synapse Review SS2F

You know for a long time, Steinberger was kind of the joke of the 80’s – from the skinny-tie foo-foo pop bands that used them to the retro bands that have them on stage today. If you play a lot, the one thing that can really do you in over time is a really, really heavy guitar. Most people think that you have a 12 lb Les Paul to get good tone. Watch the video review below and you’ll see that the new Steinberger Synapse is a very, very versatile sounding guitar for it’s size, and can work well both on stage and for practice!

The Steinberger Synapse SS-2F Custom Electric Guitar combines the rigidity, strength, clarity, and definition of graphite with the warmth and beauty of wood. The Synapse has a 3-piece hard maple neck with graphite U-channel and truss rod make an adjustable neck that’s extremely stable. Low-impedance EMG USA humbuckers offer a broader bandwidth for unique and robust tone and are mounted on stabilizers that keep them from tilting.The SS-2F Guitar has improved intonation from a zero fret. Unique Steinberger Combo headpiece improves balance, ease of tuning, and tuning stability while the patented Direct-Drive double-ball bridge lets you change strings in seconds then tune up once and not have to tune again until you change strings.Fold down leg rest and strap hook provide comfort standing or sitting.

Check out this video review of the Steinberger Synapse, note how clean it is in the beginning, and how damn dirty and nasty this thing can get for such a small guitar! Amazing!

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