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Who Played the Peavey Mace Amp?

Seems like I end up hearing classic songs lately and wonder “what amp did they use on that?” That very thought came to my mind when playing “Any Way You Want It”, I wondered – what did Neal Schon use for those screaming lead solos on that classic song?

A few Google’s later I found that the first few Journey albums were recorded with none other than the Peavey Mace amp. This is crazy considering it’s a solid state preamp with tube power amp (a 160 watt amp with 6 power tubes!!).

Here’s Neal Schon playing on the Departure tour (used the Peavey Mace for that entire tour):

But guess who else used the Peavey Mace? Lynyrd Skynyrd! Turns out that amp is “THE Lynyrd Skynyrd sound”.

here’s an example of exactly what I mean:

and another one here:

That’s insane~! Who would’ve thought the sound some of the greatest classic rock hits could be a Peavey amp (let alone solid state preamp)???

Doesn’t look like there are a lot of these around, but you can find one or two every now and again on ebay:

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