ZZ Top – Breakaway Video

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I love ZZ Top, you can often catch me trolling You-Tube for ZZ Top Videos.  I could watch them all day because I just love the way Billy Gibbons plays that ‘ol geetar!!

Description: music video for ZZ Top’s song “Breakaway” taken from their 1994 album “Antenna”. Video featuring Vincent Schiavelli and Fairuza Balk.

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25 thoughts on “ZZ Top – Breakaway Video”

  1. Not necessarily, the fans r the ones who indicate the success of the band. Pop is more universal; one of the reasons why MJ’s albums were known worldwide. Sure nobody taught MJ b/c he had natural talent, but that’s not why he became successful. MJ had something nobody else could imitate, and that made him a legend. ZZ Top and MJ are TOTALLY different. Neither of them are better than the other.

  2. @MJFan625Moonwalker Dancing at around 2:00, ZZ Top are commonly known as great entertainers, just like MJ.

  3. Billy Gibbons has the sickest guitars! He also has made appearances on TNT’s show Bones.

  4. @MJFan625Moonwalker Most rockers shave, most rockers don’t get stoned every night. Please don’t make one artist representative for an entire genre. And what do you mean by ‘pop is more universal’?

  5. Very good music , i´m from argentina , i live in argentina , in my town i listen this music with my friends , my friend before no listen this music because in my town we don´t have any discos , i meet this music in internet and i give this music to my friends , actualy my in my town we know zz top by internet .Thanks for upload this video , sorry for my very bad english , in my country a speck in spanish .

  6. @mchllemay Watch the video, it seems like one. Michael Jackson had a bad doctor that was giving him drugs. And, ZZ Top will be dead from an O.D. soon.

  7. @pwh1992 I know, but he became famous and people liked him and then their kids starting to like him. When I was four-years-old, I would do the Thriller dance. MJ’s music will live on forever as a lot of people say. He will never be a has-been.

  8. your pretty funny, you just say it spot on everytime to this guy he is calling these people potheads while the biggest drug addict is his idol

  9. @MJFan625Moonwalker Yep, there’s no denying you’re right when telling MJ will never be a has-been. You just might be a little more tolerant towards stoned rockers like the Beatles and the Who who’ll also never be a has-been.

  10. @MJFan625Moonwalker Actually I don’t know if ‘most’ rock stars do drugs… Sure, there are/have been a lot of stoners in the 70s, but a lot have died already or been into rehab. There are definitely stoners left today, but I don’t know if it goes for ‘most’ rockers and there are probably also stoners among pop stars (like Robbie Williams)

  11. @MJFan625Moonwalker. Hanging your kid over the balcony was no accident. And as for calling ZZ Top stoners. Well at least there not dead from a drug overdose.

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